John Clark

John Clark – Ultra Marathon Runner

John is competing in the Marathon Des Sables in April 2020. Known as ‘the toughest foot race on earth’ it involves running 6 marathons in 6 days across the Sahara.

What is your biggest achievement?

After leaving the Armed Forces in 2010 I struggled with severe mental health problems. Walking with the Wounded gave me the support I needed to overcome this.

Who is your biggest influence?

Walking with the wounded charity who I am raising money for by doing this event. I will be a part of their team and I won’t let them down.

What is your tip for anyone wanting to take part in a sport?

Enjoy it and always do it with a smile on your face.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

That it’s better to get to an event (possibly less fit than you would have wanted) than to try and compete with injuries, so don’t over train, listen to your body and treat it well.

What is your ultimate goal?

To finish! If I’m honest I’d like to aim for the top 250 (out of roughly 1000 competitors).

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