Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Get back in the game

Get back in the game

Laser Therapy at Spinavita

Laser therapy is a medical treatment which uses focussed light to stimulate a process called Photobiomodulation which helps to reduce pain and inflammation related to many common conditions. 

Laser therapy can help to treat and manage acute and chronic conditions such as sporting injuries, arthritis, tendinopathies, joint swelling and muscle strains/pain. It works by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. During treatment, you may feel a soothing warmth which identifies the beginning of a process of cellular activity that leads to decreased pain and improved blood circulation to the area being treated. 

As one of the first clinics in the UK to invest in a class 4 laser machine, all of our clinicians are trained to tailor a plan for your specific needs. A successful treatment plan may require multiple treatments over the course of a few weeks depending on the condition and severity of the symptoms. Unlike medications, laser therapy reduces pain without undesirable side effects and many people report long lasting pain relief. 

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Meet our Laser Therapists

Ben Trebble
Ben TrebbleGraduate Sports Therapist
Ben’s fascination with the body and the understanding of how it functions has fuelled his desire to pursue a career as a sports therapist.

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Tom Johnson
Tom JohnsonGraduate Sport Rehabilitator
Tom enjoys working with a range of people from various lifestyles and sporting abilities. He loves helping people achieve their goals be it getting back to everyday tasks or competing at a higher level in their sport without the hindrance of injury.

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Jessica Davy
Jessica DavyChiropractor
Jessica enjoys the challenge of meeting new people and finds it incredibly rewarding getting to know and help her patients. She understands how the daily pressures of life can affect health and works hard to make everyone feel at ease. She is experienced in working with adults from all backgrounds and enjoys supporting them to reach their goals.

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Anna Hawrot
Anna HawrotChiropractor and Clinic Director
Anna continues her professional development by attending conferences around the world and regularly embarking on new courses and seminars. She has previously spoken at the British Chiropractic Association annual conference and has worked as a Clinic Tutor at the University of South Wales.

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Melissa Folly
Melissa FollyChiropractor
During her 10+ years in practice Melissa can sincerely say that she has been challenged, inspired and enjoyed every day of it. She treats patients of all ages and backgrounds, including the elderly, pregnant women and children. “Being a Chiropractor has been the most amazing, rewarding ‘job’ and I wouldn’t swap it for the world!”

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“I am really happy with the service offered. The team is really dynamic, friendly and easy to talk to. I am happy to recommend the practice to anybody.”
“I am really happy with the service offered. The team is really dynamic, friendly and easy to talk to. I am happy to recommend the practice to anybody.”

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